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Aldmeri Immortals

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"If you love military Roll play with the possibility to make a little coin as a sell-sword this is the guild for you. How can i make this coin you ask? Well its not so easy first you have to be good at something be it crafting, killing, or healing and we will soon have trainers to help our people along so you can get those nuggets of wisdom that place our elite soldiers above the rest. Crafters will have equal opportunity making coin compared to those with physical malice or vast knowledge of the arcane... since i fully expect those whom have these traits to advance in rank and skill i am willing to pay every member of the guild half of what they bring back from there contracts on top of bonuses for advancing in rank. All money in the guild bank at the end of the month will be split up equally among the entire guild. Soldiers i am here as your Commander to spread the wealth not hoard it."





whisper me ingame @hillelea 


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