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Gentlemen Gankers

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The Gentlemen Gankers ESO, is a mature PVP/PVE guild. The primary focus of the guild will be PVP, but we will also be doing PVE.


We are looking for adults (20+) who want to create a friendly, funny and mature environment for Questing, Leveling, PVP and End Game PVE content. 




Our Vision and Guild Values:


  • We  have created a fun and respectful guild environment where we support one another while having a great time.


  • We support our fellow guildies in all aspects of the game.


  • We lift each other up and help make one another better.


  • We strive for excellence while avoiding elitism.


  • We value maturity.


  • We value a great sense of humor.


  • We want everyone to have an absolute blast playing this amazing game.


  • We create an environment where everyone feels respected regardless of their background  while still allowing everyone to feel free to be themselves and have fun.


  • We want everyone to have a good time and so our primary membership quality is showing respect to fellow guildies.


  • We know that where we go and what we do shows what a great guild we are so we work hard to give our guild the awesome rep it deserves.


  • We are PVP focused, but we also will be doing End Game progression and PVE content.


  • We support crafters by having a guild bank with crafting materials gathered and donated by members.


  • We have excellent leadership that supports it’s members.


  • We ask not what our guild can do for us, but what we can do for our guild.


  • We also figure out how we can make our guild more valuable to it’s members.


  • We value loyalty.


  • We are currently openly recruiting, but we will move to an invite only model one we have a good base membership.


  • We are currently an Aldemeri faction, but we plan on having a presence in all three factions over time.


  • We are a guild that spans other  games including SWTOR (The Bastion), Titan Fall, and Planetside 2



If you are interested in playing in a relaxed, respectful guild environment that strives to be highly competitve while having a blast, consider joining the Gentlemen Gankers as we gank our way through Cyrodil. We look to have an awesome guild community first followed by being an excellent PVP guild. We are also for a very limited time recruiting officers, so if you fancy a leadership role in ESO and feel you match our guild values, please contact Beast Ala Mode with a message expressing your leadership qualities.



If you are interested in playing in a relaxed guild environment that strives to be highly competitve while having a blast, consider joining the Gentlemen Gankers as we gank our way through Cyrodil.


While this guild will initially be an Aldemeri Dominion centered guild, during Early Access and Launch,  we eventually plan on having a presence in each of the three factions. We have a private Ventrillo server and encourage all members to use voice where possible.


This guild also spans a number of games including ESO, SWTOR and Titan Fall. 



And now a message on how to deal with adversity from our original guild founder circa 1902 who played massively multi-player Telegraph powered games.




Owner: Beast Ala Mode

Founded: 29-March 14

Members: 18

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