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Bloodcrown Tempest

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The Bloodcrown Articles

            In Bloodcrown Tempest we do not have a rigid structure of Power or Hierarchy simply because we do not believe in such a thing. The Core may be the heart of the guild and the Veterans and Core form its backbone, but we believe everyone has a voice and will be heard.

            However we do have a framework for the guild here in the Articles so guild mates and Pact members understand how Bloodcrown operates and what we base things off of. Understand that our Articles are used to give reasoning in how the guild is ran and should you have any questions about how something works, more than likely it will be stated here. Articles are constantly working and probably will change from time to time, but those changes will be noted with an asterik and a MDYT format that looks two digits for month, day, and year followed by twenty four hour time, 010114-0100 will be the given example.

            There will be no explicit detail in the Articles, just an explaination of key points and concepts. This is how Bloodcrown will maintain during game play so we can enjoy ourselves and the Pact.

                                                                        -- Bones, Founder of Bloodcrown Tempest                                                                                                               030914-1839

Values, Core Concepts, and Philosophy

I. Values

             In Bloodcrown, people will find that we are individual players with a collective concious and goal oriented. We play Elder Scrolls, together; with that said we have small amount of values with great emphasis.

·         Loyalty, before anything else we want to play together with people who are going to be loyal to the guild. It is that simple, Bloodcrown is a collective of people with goals, it comes first.

·         Willingness, we have great emphasis on this value. We do not base our guild off of capability, we base it off of willingless to be capable.

·         Fortitude, Bloodcrown has a plethora of people. We cannot cater to everyones sensitivites, but we can cater to those with a thick shell, guts, and ready to get accomplish our goals at hand.

            With that said, there are certain things that can destroy a guild. Prejudice and foulness is not tolerated, it will never be okay to openly insult players and undermine the guild values. We see this as cancer and cancer will always removed and documented.

II. Core Concepts

            Bloodcrown Tempest is not traditional, we are a guild for people who want to play the game without restrictive labels. We play the game and are not, "Player versus X". We play the game as a whole, everything game offers is within our interests.

·         Immersion, our guild is build around one of the concepts that if a player often finds his or her time spent and dungeons, he or she can then move into Cyrodill or the Crafting Table with the experienced players and be brought into the fold, learn Cyrodill or the Crafting Table and contribute the best he or she can.

      The same goes for the ladder, if a player finds themselves in Cyrodill and wants to crawl into dungeon action or to the Crafting Table, our guild immseriveness allows our members to experience all the game play as they want.

·         Fluidity, another concept within our guild is having a flow in everything we do, bringing players into the fold, that everyone adapts to each other and continues a collective flow. It always makes it easier that players have collective habits and share the same direction to accomplish goals.

III. Philosophy

      To be limitless in brethren, united through our differences, stronger with knowledge, and together there is nothing Bloodcrown Tempest cannot accomplish.

      It's never good to be a stamp on what kind of people you play with. Variety gives us unity, because it opens all of us to new experiences. More minds and better than one mind, giving us deeper insight and a greater knowledge base. We are stronger because of this, we are Bloodcrown Tempest.



            We will always do for Bloodcrown Tempest and Ebonheart Pact.

I. Guild Speaker

      Bloodcrown will have a Guild Speaker to work politics within other Pact guilds and its members to discuss political matters. This deters too much conversations and allows the Core and Veterans to come to decisions. Every member is welcome to trade and form bonds on their own accord but unless through designated representation they do not represent the political interests of Bloodcrown Tempest as a whole.

II. Alliances

      Bloodcrown Tempest has its own way of doing things, Alliances regarding Cyrodill will be lead by us in the case of lateral and hierarchal commands. Equal representation within Alliances where every guild has equal power does not need to be necessarily lead by Bloodcrown but equality within the guilds must be honored.

      Trade Alliances are an individuals endeavor and no guild resources will be allocated to an individual for such. All members are encouraged to seek individual riches but must do so on their own.

      There are no alliances regarding dungeons and player versus environment content for Bloodcrown. Bloodcrown keeps its dungeon raiding capabilities within the guild unless we have guests joining us.

III. Cyrodill

      Bloodcrown will be participating in Campaigns in Elder Scrolls Online. We will place emphasis on our own guilds struggles and combat first, followed by Alliances, and then Ebonheart. The reason for this is Bloodcrown does everything our own way, while objectives are ultimately for the greater of the Pact, we operate internally first; this keeps the fluidity of command and communication.

      Tactics will be discussed on an internal basis and will not be shared for the sake of Bloodcrown, Alliances, and the Pact. This is due to Elder Scrolls enabling players to be apart of cross-factions guilds.


Guild Bank, Store, and Resources

I. Bank

      The Guild Bank will be used for Guild wealth so we keep deter the cost of expensive materials, equipment, and the use of hording Pots, Food, and other preparations needed for guild success.

II. Store

      Guild Store will be available to members to sell goods at a discounted price to guild members. Guild Store values and Auction House values are name to be the same, this helps maintain individual wealth and does not undermine anyones efforts.

III. Resources

      Guild resources are used to deter the cost of crafting exceptional items of Epic and Legendary tier, as well as mass crafting of items needed for guild preparedness, guild resources are not allocated to a mass ones individual wealth.



      In order to be organized guild events such as Cyrodill and Raiding, ventrilo will be mandatory to help contribute to guild organization and its successes. Small inner guild pugs voice communications is at the discretion of its leader. 


Owner: Craizer

Founded: 03-March 14

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