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Guild Features

Why should you create a guild with us? Because we give you more features and control than anyone else!
  • Self-Service Guild Creation

  • Create and service your guild how you want, and when you want.

  • Customize Guild Pages

  • Choose and upload your own banner, logo, theme, and more!

  • Full Owner Management

  • Guild Founders get unprecedented control over their guilds - including page and individual member management.
    • Choose Membership Approval Process
    • Choose your process for potential applicants. Is your guild open membership, invite only, or dependent on leader approval? You decide.
    • Custom Membership Ranks
    • Create custom ranks and titles for the members of your guild.
    • Choose Own Admins and Moderators
    • Promote and administer your members as you see fit.
    • Change Group Ownership
    • Busy lately? It doesn't mean the end of your guild - just appoint a new leader or administator!
    • Mass PM Members
    • Make sure your members are up to date on messages you deem important.
  • Send Out Invites

  • Think you found a few interested Elder Souls members? Send out custom invites and invite them to join your guild!

  • Private Guild Forum

  • Guilds are able to create and administrate their own private forums. Talk about great way for members to communicate!

  • Share Guild Content via Social Media

  • Share your guild and content via Facebook, Twitter, and more to help boost your exposure.

  • RSS Feeds

  • Follow and track new content easily via RSS feeds.

  • User Profile Integration

  • Integrate your Elder Souls profile with all of your guilds and other social groups.

  • Follow and Track Guild Content

  • Follow forums, threads, and pages of your guild, or even those of competitors. You want to be on top of all the latest happenings, after all!

  • Exposure

  • As a dedicated ESO and TES site, creating a guild page here will grant you an instant, built-in audience of a large number of ESO players. Get your name out there fast and recruit well!

  • Organization

  • When it comes down to it, the most organized guilds are always going to be among the most successful. With all of the tools and features we offer, your guild will have a home rich in information and communication capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's be honest, people come up with a lot of questions. Our FAQ covers those that are, well, frequently asked. For all others, don't be shy - contact us!
  • Does it cost anything?

    Nope, our guild system is free - and it always will be!

  • It all sounds great. Where do I start?

    To begin, you just need an Elder Souls account! If you don't have one, or are not currently logged in, the link below will take you through our account creation process. Once you've logged in, the same button will instead direct you through guild set-up!

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