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Download The Anarchist Cook Book

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Your guide to basic naughtiness. Learn a wide variety of skills such as how to make a bomb, start a riot, commit credit card fraud, get free postage, and much much more. Although it may be outdated, a lot of it is still relevant and serves for an interesting, and sometimes hilarious, read.

Note: A lot of what is in this is illegal. This Cook Book is purely for amusement and knowledge, and the justice loving, law abiding community of ElderSouls.com does not approve of actually doing anything you read in this paper. Actually doing anything you read in the Cook Book can land you in trouble with the law, in which case the crime hating, evil slaying community of ElderSouls.com does not claim any responsibility for any repercussions you may face with the law. If you'd rather avoid the temptation of trying these things out, don't download this. Instead, just look at this kitten picture.
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Considering taking this down because of lot of this is illegal, doesn't really work, or can easily get you or others injured/killed. Oh, and copies of this document have been taken down everywhere, so I'm questioning the legality of posting this.
I mean one set up directions asks you to boil gasoline....

I mean one set up directions asks you to boil gasoline....

Seems legit.

My only concern is whatever publisher copyrights are associated with it. I know that the original Anarchist's Cookbook is still under copyright, but I don't know if this is the legitimate version. It seems like an internet spoof of it.
Well I accidentally stumbled across it. I was googling something and it auto completed this, so that peaked my curiosity. It was on a site where you have to submit something to download something, so I gave them that Runescape Millionaire's guide.

I'm 10x more frightened of personal safety than legality tbh, lol.
I am both amused and saddened by the fact four people registered solely to download this and then never return. :(
yea i was gonna download this and read it but... considering im on the schools computer im rather afraid too...
ok... looked at it and some of that stuff is INSANE... and now i want a copy......

Wow, i underestimated this download, I really thought it was a joke, and now I hope it really is...

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