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A Zombie Story

Posted by Tristan, 01 June 2014 · 9,029 views

Zombies Story lulz
This is going to be a first person experience of a zombie apocalypse. I'm writing this purely for the lulz and to see if it does well, this doesn't mean that it's going to be funny, but I'd appreciate if any constructive criticism you have isn't intentionally hurtful.


Everyone has their story; some are tragic, others are spectacular, and mine hasn't ended yet so I guess we'll see what happens. I remember when it started; I was living in a suburban community on the outskirts of Elgin, Illinois. While others my age were playing football and making friends, or hanging with friends, or whatever friends do together, I was playing games and having my own version of fun. Games were the greatest thing ever to me, allowing for worlds where I could get away from everything, where I could gave my own virtual reality. I guess I had friends of sorts, people I played games with and stuff like that , but not real life friends.

I had been home schooled, and had finished with school completely at the age of 17 which gave me a huge advantage on the gaming community. I could play as long as I was awake, and naturally you can guess what I was doing when the first report came in. 7:00 am Sunday morning, I was playing BF4, and Mother was downstairs watching the news. I had a 32 and 4 on one of my favorite maps, which is honestly the best I had ever done. Mother came up the stairs with a familiar creak, creak, creak, a lot faster than usual; I dismissed it as it wasn't entirely significant. "on, we need to pack some things." "Why's that?" I said hesitantly, because she had an uneasiness in her voice. "On the news, there are some horrible sightings of people eating people!" "Really now?" "Yes, like zombies, like those you have on your games!" At this point I was slightly interested in what she was talking about, but I didn't want to risk dropping my k.d. "It's on the news?" "Yeah, there are people dying in China, and I think it's pretty serious." Looking back now, I know that ignoring the urgency of the situation would've been a mistake. "It's probably some drug, like that bath salts incident in two-thousand whatever." "No Son, this is different; it's been going on for days, people are turning into zombies." (the match ends) "Here, let me see this."

I followed Mother downstairs. By now she really had me wondering. As we reached the bottom of the stairs, I heard my dad opening the front door. We all reached the living room about the same time. Father looked just as worried as Mother, which did it for me. Now, I was worried. The new was running on the TV. Mother and Father were both focused on it, nothing being said. The news anchor also Had this horrified look on her face, "For those just tuning in we;re going to run that footage again." The scene was shaking; I'd assumed a cell phone video. You could clearly see a small horde of hunched over shady "people" walking down an abandoned street. Deep breathing behind the camera, this person was scared to death. The horde is suddenly startled and speeds up, some tripping over others and falling on their faces. Others gaining real speed once in full sprint. The camera focuses on a man walking out of an ally, looking at his phone, or tablet. The man behind the camera gasped and moved suddenly, hesitated, and yelled what I can only assume was "RUN!" The man on the street was oblivious due to the headset he was sporting. It was too late anyway. The horde was on top of him in seconds; they tackled him headfirst and piled on top of him like flies. The camera fell over into darkness, and at first all you could hear was the intense screaming from the man, a language too foreign for me to actually know what he was saying. The camera is lifted back up to the window, focusing once again on the man and horde. By then the man's screaming had halted, the zombies fought over the body like hyenas on a carcass, which is a pretty fitting comparison. The video was cut short and brought back to the news lady, tears in her eyes; she apologized for something and blessed his soul or whatever. I turned to my parents, both were mortified...

Chapter One

Following the reports I remember trying to ignore it for the most part. Hoping it would blow over, reassuring myself constantly that a zombie apocalypse isn't scientifically possible. It wasn't enough; everywhere I turned, everywhere I went there were people worried. Walking around like zombies themselves just waiting, waiting for something to happen, for the next report of reassurance. All national powers were working to stop the spread of the newly dubbed "dead but alive" syndrome. Scientists of every country working to stop it started moving to uninfected continents, and countries. Most went to close countries, like the United Kingdom, alot migrated to Japan. So much was discovered in the following days: where it started, how it spreads, and all of it was made public usually followed with more reassuring mumbo jumbo, at one point I think the scientists were starting to believe their own lies.

8:32 am, Monday morning, about a week after the first reports came in, gaming has halted, no one is playing games while there is a global pandemic. I had been sleeping, mostly trying to sleep through every day hoping it would pass. I awoke to Mother who was obviously upset, though nothing was really being said. We had packed everything we needed into the car and even bought guns from the pawn shop, the actual gun store had been sold out and unable to restock. She instructed for me to grab my survival pack (it had food and water, batteries and a flashlight) and head for the car. I asked what was going on, but nothing was being said, so I did as she instructed, grabbing my bag and a knife grandfather had given me the year he passed away. Strapping the knife to my belt I head down the stairs, Father meets me at the bottom and stops me, "Luker, did your mother tell you the situation?" "No sir, she just told me to grab my bag." "Well, we're heading to your uncle's house up the road, we've decided to all stay in the same place so that we don't lose each other when the shit hits the fan." He was being serious, but I laughed softly at what he said. "Well that makes sense I guess, but why do we have to go to their home? Why can't they come to ours?" He would usually come back at me for back talking him, but with the looming threat of apocalypse over our heads he tossed that shit out the window. "Well, I know it might be a bit uncomfortable for you to have to leave our home, but their house is larger than ours. Besides, It's only temporary, maybe the disease won't reach us." "Yeah right Dad." I replied as I walked hesitantly out the door.

After everyone got in the car we drove down the road, a distance I honestly could've walked but we needed the car. As we drove slowly down the block I watched the passing homes, barricaded like some war strewn society, boards over windows and barbed fences around once beautiful lawns. I remember the sorrow I felt that night, now I would give anything to live in such a place. Even though I didn't know many of the people in my community I could recognize each one of them by appearance, I knew who lived where, and how long they had lived there. Some had moved out, others just couldn't leave their homes, and houses that were left abandoned were usually scavenged and dispersed on that block, many tried to help their neighbors in any way possible. My favorite part of the new society was the people, there was no hostility among people in the last few days of civilization, not even through enemies.

We reached the concrete sidewalk in front of Uncle Murphy's house and the feeling was instant. Murphy was a pale-skinned anti-technology geo-freak, the likes of which I never seemed to get along with. I didn't like him, mostly because of his technophobe thing, but also because of his attitude to life. Despite being one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, he was also probably one of the most two-faced. He knew I didn't like him, and he returned the feelings, and though we kept a professional relationship around mother he and I never really conversed. We all stood, stripped of pride in front of Murphy's door with the cold piercing my skin and jacket, a black checkered patchwork jacket that Murphy had bought me for christmas. It was actually one of my most prized possessions despite my feelings for the man. I knock, a silhouette moves slowly across the window to the left of the door, then a slight disturbance from behind the door. An uneasiness comes over me as I tense up. The door opens and I'm greeted with a huge hug from Murphy's girlfriend Bria, a darker skinned, female version of my uncle. Bria was of Ethiopian descent, dark skin, dark hair, the works. At about 5'4 she stood about five inches shorter than me. Her and Murphy met at some hippy convention over some stupid tree, even though neither of them can openly be considered hippies.

She welcomes us inside as we were expected by them, she apologises because Murphy is sick with a cold and is unable to greet us himself, but leads us to the guest room where we were to stay for a week or so. Naturally, looking for something to fidget with, I start trying to fix a broken computer in the corner of the room... it hadn't been touched in well over ten years, right around the time Murphy went all technophobe.

After about an hour or so I had about fixed the computer, it was running some older 98 model honestly not easy for me to work with. Finishing up on my new pet project, Bria walks in the room holding cold sodas, hands me one the heads to the other end of the room for a "grown up talk," not to say I couldn't still hear them... after listening for a while I picked up that Murphy had more than just a cold. Murphy and Bria are against most medicines, and almost never get their flu vaccines, which is what Murphy showed signs of, for the most part.

I didn't get much sleep that night, aside from the constant fear of a zombie apocalypse, Murphy's coughing annoyed me from the back room, and for some reason this was the most unnerving thing about trying to sleep. Bria "slept" in the living room, as declared by Murphy, though I still heard her walking up and down the hallway checking on him. A few days go bye and this cycle seems to repeat, with Murphy not getting any better. Eventually I finish the computer and instal XP so I'd at least have pin ball to play, but as far as entertainment goes I was quite bored. One night everyone was asleep but Bria, again walking back and forth to the back room. Murphy's cough had definitely progressed, so far in fact that I was surprised he still had functioning lungs. That night was particularly bad for him, coughing literally every second without end. Eventually, he stopped coughing all together... it was quiet, quiet enough to hear Bria crying at his bedside. I was too sleepy to put any thought into it that very moment, but it was obvious what had happened...

I woke up to an empty room, and a peculiar noise from down the hallway. I knew something was wrong when I seen the bed sheets, Mother had folded them every morning since we got there, yet they were messy. She and Father woke up about two hours before everyone, giving her plenty enough time to have finished.

The kitchen was also empty, this is where everyone was usually at in the mornings, obviously. The peculiar noise was more distinct now, rounding the corner into the hallway, I was hearing Mother and Bria's sobbing. They were all kneeled by Murphy's bed, Mother holding his hand, Father holding her, and Bria laying her head on Murphy's chest. Entering the room I noticed how pale Murphy was and how still and peaceful he looked laying in his bed. Murphy was dead, and everyone was mourning him. feeling out of place in the room not having had a good relationship with Murphy, I left the room to call an ambulance assuming no one had done it already.

I dialled, but waited for what seemed like an hour for the operator's voice until finally; "911, What's the emergency?" "Yes ma'am, I think my uncle is dead, he's been sick for about a week, can you sen-" " I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience sir, but there are no emergency operatives available at the moment, there's nothing we can do to assist you, but if you truly think your uncle has passed away then you need to isolate him and hold the corpse until emergency services are able to contact you." " Isolation, hold the corpse. What are you getting at? Why??" " Sir I don't have time to explain, nor am I allowed. Like I said, I'm truly sorry but I have to get to the next caller." Beep (the call ended) I waited to see if she was still there, even though she obviously wasn't. I put my phone on the counter and sat down on the couch to think about what just happened. I concluded that they were hiding something, and couldn't force myself to go inform my mother that the ambulance wasn't coming for her dead brother, let alone tell her and Bria that they can't mourn him at his bedside.

After sitting on the couch for about thirty or so minutes I heard someone close the bedroom door and head down the hallway in my direction. Father appears into the living room and sits down next to me. For about ten minutes we just sat in silence, then father starts on some speech to "help" me through the death of dear uncle. Halfway through the speech he realises that I don't care and just puts his arm around my shoulders. We sit in silence yet again, this time it feels like forever until something happens.

While sitting with father on the couch I hear Bria screaming down the hallway. This wasn't just an "oh shit, a rat!" scream, this was a blood curdling horrific scream, an alarm signaling that something bad had happened.
Father looked at me as if I knew what was going on, then we both realised the problem. We stand simultaneously and sprint down the hallway, I let him go first in fear of what I was about to see. Father busted through the door and lunged at Murphy's suspected position in the room. I came through the door just to see my father holding Murphy down on the bed, blood staining the white sheets and the floor. I notice that murphy wasn't harmed physically, panicked, looking around for a source of all of the blood leads to my quickly dying mother. Mother lay on the ground, motionless, in shock of what her brother had just done to her. I stand in the doorway, dumb, shocked as she was, for I knew what had just happened and what was going to have to happen.

After a few moments, maybe seconds, Father yells at me "Give me your knife!" I reach to my side where my knife usually was, but it wasn't there, it was by my cot in the guest room. I panic again, and run as fast as I can back down the hallway and into the guest room to grab my knife, behind me I hear Father. "Where are you going!? SON!" I reach my cot, grab my knife and sprint back up the hallway, knife drawn. Father sees me entering the room and turns Murphy my direction, giving me opportunity to dig my blade into his head, which I continued to stab three times until I broke down into tears. Murphy's once again lifeless body fell to the floor, right in front of Bria who upon facing him entered a hysterical crying and moaning frenzy, covering her face with both of her bloody hands.

Mother lay motionless on the floor next to her brother, a tragic irony that I now find humerous. Father falls from the bed, weakening every second because he also knows what's going to happen. Father, now sobbing, takes the knife from Murphy's head, struggling a bit to dislodge it, and holds it to mothers head. He looks at her with begging eyes, to see if there's still time to say goodbye, but we all know that she's dead. A pool of blood had spread from her body to the corners of the small bedroom, soaking our clothes. After a while we all seemed to calm down, or at least we all ran out of tears. Father looks at me, basically asking if I could do what he knew he had to do, I drop my sight to the floor because I knew I couldn't do it. He drops his sight to Mother and places the knife against her temple. Again he bursts into tears, sobbing over his dead love, he applies pressure to the knife. As the knife passes quickly and seamlessly through her head he cries out "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" over and over, hysterically, not only to Mother, but to me.

Chapter Two

I'm going to try and stay serious about this one, and not let it rot like my other blogs, but if I don't update it in a week or so don't give up on me. I'll say when I'm done with it.


On a separate note, who all thinks the world will end in a zombie apocalypse? 

If you see any punctuation errors, please tell me, and specify where they are. That seems to be one of my biggest weak points.

You hate uncle Murphy because he is too nice? Poor guy. I don't know if he'll die first or be the only one that survives the first attack (besides you). 

Lol, yeah murphy is probably going to have some kind of ironic death that fits his personality. I just haven't thought of anything for him yet, if he does die. I had actually changed it, but my internet cut out and the stupid thing didn't save.

Poor Murphy... I wonder how many people he's going to take with him.


I must say I didn't expect the first death to be caused by the flu in a zombie apocalypse story. :D

really trying to get around to doing this... but sometimes it's impossible to get myself to start on it, and when I do it's usually in the middle of the night when I'm super sleepy. I really want to at least finish the first chapter... but not right now lol.

revised a bit at the top, if you feel like re-reading it.

Mother lay motionless on the floor next to her brother, a tragic irony that I now find humerous.


I could understand not caring about the uncle, but that's... A tad psycopathic.


As the knife passes seamlessly through her head he cries out "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" over and over, hysterically, not only to Mother, but to me. 


I really liked the last paragraph. The dad must be quite the beast to push a knife so easily through skulls though. He'll be tearing several zombies apart with his bare hands in no time, I'm sure (assuming he makes it that far).


Damn, only chapter 1 and 2/5 of the immediate characters already dead. Could have been written by George R.R. Martin. 

Re-wrote the prologue, fixed alot of errors (thanks to my proofreader), and will work on chapter one tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to start on chapter two by Monday.

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