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Skyrim Blues

Posted by Tristan, 19 June 2013 · 3,016 views

Well I wouldn't expect this blog to get very far, because I've deleted every blog I've made so far, so I don't have high expectations for this one. Basically this blog is going to be about everything I've been missing while not playing Skyrim, and I've just recently started playing it again.

So I joined this about a year or two ago I believe, and back then there were about 20 people tops I think that posted recently, and David's name was _________, and the site was mainly Skyrim focused. I played Skyrim alot and I wanted somewhere I could converse about it, mostly because it's a fun ass game seriously, who doesn't like talking about it, I mean really. But yeah, I found this small gaming community with friendly staff and a decent layout.

Then family and I started moving around and internet became scarce, or at least the places we were living didn't really have any Wi-Fi so I stopped getting on as often. When I did I was either in the McDonald's parking lot, or I was using my phones portable Wi-Fi. I eventually seen it as too much of a bother, so I stopped getting on at all, and from the lack of influence I stopped playing Skyrim too.

sigh... I give up, I'm gonna leave this up to show how much I suck at blogging and be done with it.

this was gonna be a blog about my epic new stories as I start playing a new profile... but I lack commitment and motivation sooo... I realized that I would never finish it.

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